Tuesday, February 16, 2010

My New Hobby

When I was about 12 or so I asked my dad how to use the sewing machine, and ever since I have been making/altering my own clothing. I did this because my family never had a lot of money, so instead of shopping I  just made my own clothes. I would alter clothes I already had... or I would go down to the 5 for $10 t-shirt store and pick up some large shirts (because I liked the length), take in the seams to fit me, and paint or spray paint on them. I would alter just about anything... giant $2 jeans I got from the used levi's store, dresses, skirts... anything. To this day I still alter my own clothing... but it wasn't until recently I realized I could actually create a piece of clothing from scratch. Its kinda funny but I actually was inspired to do this after seeing the show Project Runway. Those people make it look so fun and easy that i wanted to try it myself. I bought myself a dress form on ebay, some fabric from Joann's, and I began making my dress...


A big giant thank you goes out to my amazingly wonderful husband who was kind enough to take these photos for me
(love you!!)

This was so much fun and I intend to make many more items!!


  1. dress form on ebay! you are genius. i've been looking for one, and they are so expensive...

  2. I know! I looked on Craig's list first and I couldn't find a decent one for under $80... but I found one on ebay for $40 including shipping! Well worth it for me :)

  3. awe yay! my dress form is the BIGGEST help, can you believe i've been sewing over 10 years without one?

  4. Wow Tara, that amazing. Its adorable, even more so with you in it(: