Friday, February 26, 2010

I love Babies

Last week Jake and I discovered the most wonderful store called Seed inside The Camp on Bristol Street in Santa Ana. Everything they sell is handmade by individual people. I wanted to spend hours wandering the entire place but we were on our lunch break so I couldn't, but it was truly amazing seeing all of the crafty things that people had made. I came across these adorable baby onesies with felt trees sewed onto them and I thought they were so cute I wanted to buy them for my friend Grace who just had a baby. The cost for one of them was about $30 and I just couldn't afford that, so I thought "I should just make one myself!" So I did, and here is the result...


He looks so handsome in it! I love this boy!


  1. SO cute tara!!! Such a good idea,too.

  2. tara you are incredibly talented...on so many levels! these onesies are sooooo stinkin cute!!!

    you should sell all your creations on Etsy or something...loved your oil painting too!

    hope all is well; was great to run into your other half at Starbucks the other day. Blessings to you both!