Friday, February 26, 2010

I love Babies

Last week Jake and I discovered the most wonderful store called Seed inside The Camp on Bristol Street in Santa Ana. Everything they sell is handmade by individual people. I wanted to spend hours wandering the entire place but we were on our lunch break so I couldn't, but it was truly amazing seeing all of the crafty things that people had made. I came across these adorable baby onesies with felt trees sewed onto them and I thought they were so cute I wanted to buy them for my friend Grace who just had a baby. The cost for one of them was about $30 and I just couldn't afford that, so I thought "I should just make one myself!" So I did, and here is the result...


He looks so handsome in it! I love this boy!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

My New Hobby

When I was about 12 or so I asked my dad how to use the sewing machine, and ever since I have been making/altering my own clothing. I did this because my family never had a lot of money, so instead of shopping I  just made my own clothes. I would alter clothes I already had... or I would go down to the 5 for $10 t-shirt store and pick up some large shirts (because I liked the length), take in the seams to fit me, and paint or spray paint on them. I would alter just about anything... giant $2 jeans I got from the used levi's store, dresses, skirts... anything. To this day I still alter my own clothing... but it wasn't until recently I realized I could actually create a piece of clothing from scratch. Its kinda funny but I actually was inspired to do this after seeing the show Project Runway. Those people make it look so fun and easy that i wanted to try it myself. I bought myself a dress form on ebay, some fabric from Joann's, and I began making my dress...


A big giant thank you goes out to my amazingly wonderful husband who was kind enough to take these photos for me
(love you!!)

This was so much fun and I intend to make many more items!!