Friday, May 22, 2009

Where, oh, where has my husband gone?

Where, oh, where can he be? Well, I will tell you. Since we have started going forward with this vision that Jake has had for bringing the aquaponics system into missions... my husband can be found in one of three places: At the pond that is being built at the church...

in the guest bedroom at home staring at, or feeding the fish that he is preparing for breeding....

or at Home Depot...

(yes, he really stood in the middle of the aisle proclaiming 
"I love this place!!" with his arms lifted in the air)

So if you ever need him, just try these places and you'll be sure to find him at one of them...
Ok so now that I have had my fun I will expound a bit for anyone who doesn't know what we're doing. Basically at the beginning of this year Jake discovered a system called Aquaponics which is a way to grow vegetables without soil, using pond water to fertilize the plants, and the plants clean the water and cycle it back into the fish water. This system is perfect for countries that lack food and water because the water recycles and doesn't go to waste while you are growing vegetables and fish for eating. So what Jake is doing is building the system at our church in Costa Mesa. He will spend about a year learning the system to the fullest extent, forming a teaching curriculum to teach at the Bible College in Murrieta for people who desire to be missionaries to third world countries. After teaching these missionaries, we will head out to various countries to build the system, and the missionary will stay there to maintain it. Pretty awesome isn't it? We would greatly appreciate your prayers if you think of us. More photos below!

These are Talapia... they breed like crazy and make very yummy food.

This flower will soon be a pepper...


  1. Hello Jake and Tara, we would be very, VERY interested in having Jake come to Peru and set up an Aquaphonics system at Calvary Chapel Bible College, Peru. We are looking for ways to help the needy of this country, and this sounds fantastic. Let me know if this can be worked out, and we will offer it as a class for our national students!

    God bless your work! Pastor John Bonner, Lima, Peru

  2. Al took the girls and I to Jake's pond the other day and it is truly amazing! Jake is so talented and succeeds at everything he tries his hand at. We will be praying for you guys and this new vision.

  3. Wow! That's amazing! I never would have thought of something like this!