Monday, May 18, 2009

Hello Blog World

My name is Tara, its so nice to meet you. I just decided to enter into this world of blogging, though my life is pretty simple and I probably won't have much to talk about most of the time... I thought I should force myself to get creative and get blogging. So here I am, writing my first blog. I suppose I should first explain the name I have chosen... tarantism. When trying to think of a name for my blog I thought I could look up my name and see what words might come up that I could use... I was expecting to find the usual "tarantula" but was unsure of what else I might find. When I found this word I will admit I laughed out loud because it just seemed too perfect.

Seriously... what is more funny than "a psychological illness characterized by an extreme impulse to dance"? After reading this I just pictured people who can't help but constantly dance... if I had to choose an illness to be plagued with for the rest of my life, that would definitely be it. I think I have it anyways... just ask my husband... I pretty much dance to whatever I hear, whether its the shifting beat of the washing machine, a beat that my husband is making with his mouth, or whatever song is currently playing in my head... I just find myself constantly shaking my hips. Sometimes I even find myself doing it in public places, like the grocery store. It doesn't matter what song is playing, whether its terrible or good... I will dance. So there you go, the perfect name for my blog. 

Thanks for having me! Hope to come again soon!

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