Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Ryan and Amy - Engaged

This weekend Jake and I had the privilege of shooting engagement photos for the lovely couple Ryan and Amy. We met them down in San Diego and made our way to the beautiful Balboa Park to take their photos. It was a gorgeous place with a variety of backdrops for us to use for the portraits. Thanks again Ryan and Amy for showing it to us, and thanks for the delicious sushi dinner!



  1. ow!! I have THE hottest cousins! i saw the first picture and thought"...why does that ring look so familiar??" haha.i love the one of Ryan dipping Amy. These pictures are precious. great job guys.

  2. Yeah...Ok..these are amazing! What an awesome location.
    Quesion Time:
    Were the two photos from the bottom taken with a different lens? Or is it just the angle that gives it that tunnel look?
    Did you coach them through these poses or are they just naturaly awesome?(:
    I think outfit changes are so needed...it should be a requirement.

    Great job. Love em!

  3. I'm talking about the two color photos next to last.

  4. hey Nina, those two were taken with a wide angle lens... if you've never used one it just basically fits a whole lot more in the photo and kinda distorts the edges. They are fun to use for certain shots, but definitely not as a main lens. Here is a link with more examples of wide angle shots http://digital-photography-school.com/17-stunning-wide-angle-images. And as for the poses... they were pretty naturally awesome, and then we just coached them a bit from there. For example, we said "dip her" and then all of a sudden they were just in this amazing pose! I think they both have taken dance classes or something, so they just knew what to do with their bodies, it was pretty fun. And yes, we usually recommend outfit changes when we do shoots : )