Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Showering gifts upon toddlers and brides

My weekend consisted of driving, taking photos, filming, eating, and spending time with family members I love.

Where I drove: 6 hours north to the bay area.
What I photographed/filmed: the birthday party of my cousin Emilee's two year old son, and the bridal shower of my cousin Madeline.
What I ate: during the drive it was mainly chex mix, cheez-its, and coffee... but once I got to my destination the yummy teryaki chicken, rice, and salad entered my body. Then the next day at the bridal shower was the delicious carne asada tacos.
Who I spent time with: My mom and sister during the entire trip, my aunt Shannon and my 3 cousins Emilee, Alyson, and Madeline, Emilee's husband Justin and her son Isaac, and some other people that I am not related to.

                                    in this photo: Emilee, Aunt Shannon, Madeline, Alyson

I am also working on a video of Isaac's birthday and will post it once its completed : )


  1. Tara, these are so beautiful! You are one talented lady. It was great to see you this weekend. Love you!

  2. I love reading about your life :) Great pictures!

  3. Yeah, usually not everyone in the whole family is gorgeous...you guys broke a rule(: Photos are outstanding ...I officially suck.

  4. Nina, I know they totally cheated!! and as for your statement "I officially suck" I must disagree... you are not a sucky photographer.